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upsetters and hammers

Upsetters & hammers

Highly developed standards gained from years of experience have given us the expertise to provide the quality workmanship and effective time management essential to ensuring all requirements are met in producing an accurate and reliable machine.

Our project management capabilities and scheduling efficiency has become relied upon by companies across the country. Our experienced and skilled millwrights and machinists work directly with our engineering department to best incorporate a practical approach in completing a project of any size or scope.

Upsetter Repairs:

Frame, Header Slide, Cam Slide, Grip Slides, Clutches, Brakes, Crankshafts, Cams, Bearings, Liners, Pins, Bushings, Lube System, etc.

Hammer repairs:

Columns, Ram, Base, Steam Chest, Tie Plate, Valves, Rod and Rod Packing, etc.

Disassembly and Inspection, Ultrasonic Testing, Welding, Engineering, Machining, Assembly and Test Run. Press inspections and Preventative Maintenance Programs.

Our experience, equipment, and facilities employ the capacity to handle heavy rigging, machining, and welding needs turning out precision components, complete rebuilds and repairs.

We work on all brands of machine including:

Erie, ceco, chambersberg, acme, ajax, etchells, eumuco, formax, hasenclever, kieserling, national, nedshroef, sakamura, waterbury, etc.