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ndt ultrasonic testing

ultrasonic testing

The ultrasonic testing NDT machine allows the presence of a flaw to be detected and its position located, even if the flaw lies entirely within the component.

By sending high frequency vibrations into the part to be inspected, the timed intervals of arrival and the reflected vibrations map the location of the flawed area. Excellent for: Crankshafts, Pitmans, Rams, TieBars, Driveshafts, or any component using a straight beam or angled beam inspection.

Our NDT Ultrasonic Testing Qualified Technician can travel to your site to perform testing or we can test your components in our shop.

preventative maintenance program

Whether it’s an existing press or one you are considering purchasing, Moseley’s will check the overall condition of the machine from the inside out.

machine inspectionReactionary press repairs are minimized. A significant savings in minor repair costs and lowered press downtime due to scheduled repairs, all while contributing to the streamlining of safety and maintenance record keeping.

Press inspection reports are generated documenting the current condition of the press. A predictive maintenance and inventory system based on the condition of the machine are set up, as well as logging specific components wear over a period of time.

Moseley’s will inspect the machine and recommend solutions for its repair. If repair can be made during inspection, we will do so at your request. Our technicians will inspect the machine checking gib adjustments, parallelism, clearances, squareness, clutch operations, brake, ram adjustments, counterbalances, etc.

Moseley’s can develop a maintenance program outlining the necessary steps to assist your own personnel in performing inspections to help in maintaining production by scheduling maintenance needs.